Posted March 26, 2014 at 1:01 am

Looks like Charlie really crashed this tea party.

Hey, guys! Sorry for missing an update on Friday. I totally forgot to announce that I was at a convention for the weekend, but I'm happy to say I am making up for that missed day with three whole updates this week! Whoa!! The bonus update will be posted on Saturday, so look forward to it!

In other news, it turns out I DID get my own table at Otakon! How awesome is that? Now Monsterkind will be listed in the Artist Alley, so you definitely have to come find me now! I hope to see you there.

In even other other news, it looks like Monsterkind has made it to Round 3 of the Mix March Madness over on Comic Mix. Please consider voting for my comic if you like it! I'm super excited you guys have taken me so far in the competition. You guys are the best.

See you Friday!