Posted May 15, 2015 at 12:13 pm

"And an incredibly soft heart, but that's an entirely different medical condition."

It's the final guest comic of the break, and what a doozy!!

This one was made by my wonderful, handsome boyfriend Zack Morrison! You may recognize his work, but if you don't then I highly recommend checking out his comic Paranatural. It's really good and you should go read it! It's been one of my all time favorites for a few years now, so it's a must read imo.

Thanks so much, honey!!

We just got back from TCAF the other day, and boy was that an incredible weekend. The books came out great!! Thank you to everyone who stopped by! You were all super wonderful and it was such a boost to sell out of all of my softcover books.

Chapter 3 starts next week! I hope you're ready because I'm very excited for the new chapter. It's gonna get REAL.

See you then!