Posted July 10, 2015 at 1:40 am

Monsterkind is a story about good friends and fun.

Hope you all had a good week! There should be some Kickstarter announcements very soon about books and fulfillment so look forward to it!

Thank you to everyone who wished Monsterkind a happy birthday/anniversary on Monday. A lot of very kind people sent nice messages and a few even drew fanart. Thank you all so much! You encourage me to work hard everyday, and I really really appreciate your support.

Otakon is fast approaching! I will be tabling with my super cute and super talented counterpart Zack Morrison who does a really great comic called Paranatural. We just received our table number: E-07! I'll make a little image guide and post it with the next page for anyone attending the con that wants to come find us.

Be sure to stop by if you're going! I'll have Monsterkind Book One in softcover and most likely a very limited amount of hardcovers. We'll also have prints, buttons, minis, and other merch available at our table in both original and fanart flavors.

Until then, have a great weekend!