Chapter 3 Page 140
Posted December 9, 2016 at 7:00 am

We only have ONE MORE UPDATE left in Chapter 3- and it's a big one!

There won't be an update on Tuesday; however, there will be a SIX PAGE UPDATE next Friday!

There is a calendar of December's update schedule below for visual reference!

After the chapter is over, we'll be moving to guest comics for a few weeks during the holidays so I can recharge and get ready for Chapter 4 (it's gonna be a doozy!). I'm very excited to share these guest comics. Some incredibly talented and wonderful people have contributed this time around, and I am so incredibly grateful and ecstatic to have their work on my site. I'll post a line up of all the guest artists sometime next week, so look forward to it!

See you on the sixteenth for Chapter 3's finale! GET READY!!