Guest Comic #5
Posted January 3, 2017 at 11:10 am

Molly definitely planned for this to happen.

Today's beautiful comic, and the last guest comic of the break, is by the wonderful and incredible Sam King!

Sam King is a super talented and super lovely friend and artist. She currently works for Cartoon Network as a storyboard artist on the show Clarence. If you couldn't already tell, Sam's art, pacing, acting, and characterization is outstanding, and I absolutely love her ability to take new characters under her wing and make them so loveable and so original to her style.

Sam also has put out two mini comics that I can't recommend enough:

Peony's Kiss and Chaotic Neutral: An Anxiety Zine

I had the chance to purchase Sam's anxiety zine at last year's TCAF, and it honestly made a huge impact on me, and helped me learn a lot about myself.

Both comics are free on gumroad, but I encourage you to throw some money Sam's way- especially if you enjoyed today's guest comic!

Thank you so much for making this beautiful guest comic for me, Sam!!

Other places you can find Sam King:

Twitter - Tumblr


This is the last guest comic of the break! 

There were plans to have a 6th guest comic as Friday's update, but unfortunately Zack had to step down from the job to take care of his injured wrists and spend more time recovering.

Chapter 4 is still planned to start up on January 10th! I'm incredibly excited for this next chapter. It's going to be short, but oh so juicy. I hope you're excited to dive right in!

I hope you have enjoyed these guest comics, and I hope you had a lovely holiday break!

See you next week <3